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Oil Extraction from garbage plastics

Oil Extraction from garbage plastics

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This is a test project on "Oil Extraction from garbage plastics". Garbage plastics are one of the most harmful item for our environment now a days. We must take steps to control this harmness. From this angle of view, we tried to make a test project to do something with garbage plastics.


We made a setup where we can burn plastics in a SS chember where we can provide controlled heat from 0-1000'C. And the plastic vapour is then flows through the SS pipe and land into cold water. As the vapour contains Oil, and temperature is reduced by colt water so oil is seperated and gathers on the serface of the water.

From a test run, we got a little amount of oil which is shown in the image. This is a test project, and we are expecting some good result in near future. May be we can do something for our environment.