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Car start motor system trainer kit

Car start motor system understanding trainer kit.

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This is a car start motor system understanding trainer kit. How a start motor works is presented here. The start motor is powed by a solenoid which also makes physical contact with the engine penium and motor penium. When the solenoid is on, it push the motor penium forward and at the same time triggers the motor. Then the motor make the rotation of the engine. When engine is started, the solenoid is disconnected and the solenoid disconnect the motor from power and engine penium by pulling it back. Thus the engine start system works.

Like the other kits of this series, this trainer kit is also supplied by 12V battery which is protected by a DC fuse and a key locker is used to turn the power on/off.

We make similar trainer kits as per your requirements. If you need anything similar please feel free to call us within office time. Thank you.