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Barge-Loader Receiver-Transmitter Repair

Gross Funk Barge-Loader Receiver-Transmitter Repair for Crown Cement Factory


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This is a barge loader  transmitter-receiver unit made by Gross Funk. This one was faulty when arrived from Crown Cement Factory. There was problem in data communication. Command was not working due to communication error. We checked it with oscilloscopes and measured several points. We found problem in clock and other relevent area. Then we repaired it and checked it again. After negative report, we checked again and again for other faults. We found another one in transmitter section. And repaired that too. 

Actually there is no transmitter or receiver alone. Both are trans-reveiver. And working in a pattern. Once the pattern is broken/disturbed, emergancy stop happens. This is a very good one to work with, specially with high speed data communication. We liked it.

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