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ATM Security system (FYP)

ATM Security System with RFID card, Password, Finger print, SMS one time password then access.

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What is this:

This is a ATM security system project as a final year project. The system have multiple security protocols to get access of the ATM. First of all you have to insert a RFID card which is identical. Then you need to put the card password. If it is matched as like our general ATM system you can hope to get access to withdraw your money. But no, in this stage you need to verify your fingerprint. Then you can put the cash amount you want to withdraw or do similar job. For conformation an one time password will be sent to your mobile. Then you need to put that one time password to get your money out or your job done. Thus a high secured ATM system is working.

Working principle:

First of all a RFID reader is reading the card number. Then it is asking for a password. You can put the password pressing the keypad. Then it compares again. If it matchd, there is a finger print sensor with pre-loaded data. It compares your finger print with previously saved one. If you are valid owner of your card then you can get access of your ATM. Then after your requies on ATM a one time random 4 digit code is sent to your mobile as a SMS. You put that code too with keypad. Then you can get your money.



PIC16F73 and a arduino UNO is being used as the controller and controlling different things by sharing each other's work.
Finger print sensor: C2.
RFID Reader: RDM6300
GSM Module: SIM300cz
4X4 keypad and 16X2 LCD and some other general components are being used for this project.

This is a final year project but we can make the real one if you need. Only need your interest. So, if you are interested please click on  INTERESTED button above and fill up the form and submit your quote so that we can communicate with you back. Thanks