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Auto power from 4 different sources

Automatic power supply from 4 different sources : Solar, Mains, Generator and UPS.

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What is this?

This is a automatic power supply from 4 different sources. It provide uninterruped power from different sources. The main priority is solar energy. When solar is not available specially at the night, the power source will be switched to Mains. If mains fail too then Generator is the selection. But as the switching from one source to another source may take time such as from mains to generator need few minutes so the load can be interrupted. No, this system will not allow that. That is why we have UPS to work in this gap. Thus an complete uninterrupted power source with combination can be achieved.

Working principle:

We have 4 sources. Solar, mains, generator and UPS. Each source are connected with a relay switch. Here we used batteris as the source presentation. Each source is measured and scanned with the help of microcontroller (voltage divider + ADC). Then sources are bypassed through a relay switch to load. But the UPS is bypassed via a diode. So once a relay is off the output is taken from the UPS. Although it is 0.7V less than the other sources but it can keep the load on. As the UPS voltage is little bit low from other sources, so it not suppling any power when any of the other sources is on. Thus the project is working here.


This is a final year project. So it is made like this way. But if need we can make the real one. If you are interested please click on  INTERESTED button above and fill up the form and submit your quote so that we can communicate with you back.