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Smart Irrigation System (FYP)

Smart Irrigation System with automatic and remote automation via SMS.

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This is a smart irrigation system with automatic and manual system with remote controlled via SMS. The system is measuring soil moisture level. If the level is dry enough, it will send a SMS to the owner if he want to run the pump or not. If the owner replies 'Yes' within a time, the system will turn the pump on. And on the other hand, if he replies with 'No' then the system will keep the pump off but will remind the owner time by time that the soil is dry.

Once the owner says yes to the system by replying the sms or simply send a sms 'Run' to the system, it will run the pump untill the soil is wet. Once the soil is wet, the system will turn the pump off. A SMS is then sent to the owner that the pump is off now.

As a part of operation, when the system found the soil as dry, it sent a SMS to the owner for his permission within a short time. But if the owner dosen't reply then the pump will be on automatically and will be turned off when the soil is wet again.



The system is using a PIC16F877A microcontroller as the main controller, SIM300 (was popular on that time (2012/13)), Op-Amp, Relay, Transistors, LCD display,  Buzzer etc.

This system can be intregrated in any farm and can be very helpful to us. This is a final year project. But we can make for any capacity. If you are interested please click on  INTERESTED button above and fill up the form and submit your quote so that we can communicate with you back.