Pure Sine Wave Home UPS/IPS
DSP based pure sine wave UPS/IPS for Home & Office
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It is very common product for home and office where load shading is an issue. We are making DSP (Digital Signal Processor) based pure sine wave UPS and IPS for home and office from capacity starts from 400VA to 10KVA.

Technical features:

UPS/IPS mode operation

Input voltage range: 170-240 for UPS mode and 120V-260V for IPS mode.

Output voltage: same as input (in mains mode), 220V+/-10V in backup mode.

Output frequency: 50Hz +/- 0.1HZ


Output overload, short circuit

Over Temperature

Battery deep discharge, over charge.

We have packages of home/office UPS or IPS. For you order kindly call: 01972448270 (10AM-8PM). Thank you.