PLC Trainer Kit ML-LOGO8
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A PLC trainer kit is very helpful to do different experiments for learning PLC. Here we made a small PLC Trainer Kit with SIEMENS LOGO OBA8 PLC. A sort of experiments can be tested with this trainer kit. All necessary power inputs, sensors, switches, motors are built in.

Features are listed below:

PLC: SIEMENS  LOGO OBA8. 8input(0-24V), 4 outputs(Relay).


a. Proximity sensor, NPN

b. Photo sensor: NPN & PNP both

c. Smoke sensor

d. Thermo-couple



a. Rotary Encoder

b. Step motor

c. Blank output ports with indicators

d. Input selection switches

e. Buzzer

f. Magnetic Contractor switch

g. MCB

h. Traffic light circuit


Technical features:

Input: 220V AC, 50Hz

Onboard power supply: 24V, 18V, 12V

We make customized products according to your requirement. If you need anything similar please feel free to contact with us. Thank you.