PICKit2 programmer / burner
PICKit2 programmer for PIC micro-controllers
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This is PICKit2 programmer. Supports most of the PIC micro-controllers. This is an essential device to work with micro-controller. When you write your code in compiler, and compile it. A .hex file is generated. Then you need this programmer or similar programmer to burn this .hex file to micro-controller. Then the micro-controller will work according to your program.

PICKit2 is an open source device from microchip. Many people designed it in their own format from the main circuit. Here we did as ours. We kept a 40pin zif socket so that programming become easy. Also we kept a ICSP header pin to program the micro-controller keeping that in the circuit. There are both features available in our PICkit2. Also, we kept an option to use this programmer as a Program-To-Go. That means once your code is final, you can load your .hex file in it and use it as a programmer itself without any PC. Just need a power supply of 6-9V DC. We kept that option too so that you can use any dc adapter to power it up.

We have different versions of this programmer. You can contuct with us if you need one. Just click on 'INTERESTED'  button above and fill up the form and submit your quoatation. So that we can communicate with you later. Thank you.