PIC Mini Development Board
PIC mini Development Board for 16F8XX, 18F45XX series
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This is a mini development board for PIC microcontrollers. A suitable and useful development board for learners or beginners. Several projects can be practiced with simple connections. There are several parts are kept in design so that you can use those and make a project within short time. You can even upload your hex file with PICkit2 programmer which is already built in with this board. You can provide external supply voltage ranging: 6V DC to 12V DC. Here is a list of components what you can use for your projects:

1. Sensors:

    a. Temperature:  LM35, DS18B20
    b. Humidity: DHT11
    c. Optical: IR Receiver, LDR
    d. 2 multi-turn POT
2. RTC: ds1307
3. Buzzer
4. LCD 16X1, 16X2, 24X4
5. UART terminal, DBF9 port, Bluetooth Module Port
6. 7 Segment Display
7. 8X1 LED array
8. 4X4 Keypad connection
9. Interrupt triggering button
10. I2C, SPI pins,
11. Crystal in base and
12. Pins output socket with a 40 pin zif socket.


You also have a programmer built in with this board. So what else you need to practice? If you are interested please click on  INTERESTED button above and fill up the form and submit your quote so that we can communicate with you back.