Op-Amp Trainer Kit ML-Op71
Op-Amp Trainer kit for multiple experiments. Model: ML-OP71 Brand: M's Lab Origin: Bangladesh
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The trainer kit is designed keeping most of the experiments in common with an op-amp. Op-amp used here: LM741. Trainer kit feature is listed below: 

List of features:
•    Onboard function generator: Sine, Triangle, and Square wave
•    On-board test variable power supply
•    Functional Blocks indicated on board mimic
•    Built-in power supply
•    Compact size
•    Ready experiments
•    Op-Amp: LM741
•    Dual power supply for Op-Amps: +12V-0-(-12V)
•    Onboard project board
•    Onboard test points
•    Power consumption: 4VA appx. 
•    Supply voltage: AC220V. 

Experiment list:

  • The differential amplifier (Subtractor)
  • Integrator amplifier
  • Zero-crossing detector
  • Peak detector
  • Phase shift oscillator
  • Summing amplifier/ voltage adder (inverting)
  • Summing amplifier non-inverting
  • Wien bridge oscillator
  • Half-bridge rectifier
  • Active 2nd order low pass filter
  • Voltage follower/buffer
  • Comparator
  • Non-inverting amplifier
  • Inverting amplifier
  • +15V,-15V variable dc sources with a digital meter
  • +12V,-12V source
  • Frequency meter

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