Biomedical Trainer kit ML-BM20
Biomedical Trainer kit with Arduino and PLC and IoT connectivity option.
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This is a biomedical trainer kit designed based on Arduino Mega and PLC. Most of the part of this trainer kit is associated with Arduino mega and several sensors and modules. But a PLC is integrated to practice some more. The electronic card of this project is designed with these following features:

    * LCD 16X2
    * Temperature sensor ds18b20
    * OLED display
    * ESP8266 for IoT
    * Buzzer
    * Arduino Mega
    * Pull-down resistor sets
    * Filter capacitor sets
    * Blood pressure measurement circuit
    * Pressure sensor: MXVP5050
    * User buttons and variable resistors
    * Mini project boards
    * DHT11 sensor
    * Pulse sensor
    * SPO2 sensor
    * ECG + Heart rate sensor: AD8232 with cables
    * Onboard buck converter with a voltmeter
    * DC 5V, 3.3V supply rails
    * USB port for Arduino mega

The trainer kit is powered by AC120V~240V, 50/60Hz.

This trainer kit is also available with only the electronic card.  Please visit our home page to select your required one.

If you need this trainer kit or a similar one you can ask for your custom design. Worldwide shipping. Thank you.