Biomedical and IoT Trainer kit MS-BM20
Biomedical Trainer kit MS-BM20 with Arduino Mega and IoT connectivity option.
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This is a biomedical trainer kit designed based on Arduino Mega and PLC. Most of the part of this trainer kit is associated with Arduino mega and several sensors and modules. But a PLC is integrated to practice some more. The electronic card of this project is designed with these following features:

    * LCD 16X2
    * Temperature sensor ds18b20
    * OLED display
    * ESP8266 for IoT
    * Buzzer
    * Arduino Mega
    * Pull-down resistor sets
    * Filter capacitor sets
    * Blood pressure measurement circuit
    * Pressure sensor: MXVP5050
    * User buttons and variable resistors
    * Mini project boards
    * DHT11 sensor
    * Pulse sensor
    * SPO2 sensor
    * ECG + Heart rate sensor: AD8232 with cables
    * Onboard buck converter with a voltmeter
    * DC 5V, 3.3V supply rails
    * USB port for Arduino mega


This trainer kit is also available with PLC modules.  Please visit our home page to select your required one. If you need this trainer kit or a similar one you can ask for your custom design. Worldwide shipping. Thank you.