Automatic Voltage Protector
Voltage protector for your electric appliances
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Voltage is a very vital issue for your electric appliances. Either home appliances or Industrial appliances all are sensitive to voltage issue. Too much high or low voltage can kill your device and system. That is why, voltage protection is mandatory for your device. That is why, you should use a suitable voltage protector or voltage stabilizer for your appliances if you have problem with voltage.


Here we are presenting you an Automatic Voltage Protector. It can protect your appliances from high or low voltages, also protects from thundering effect which is a very vital issue.


Technical features:
a. Working voltage: 30-300V AC, 50Hz
b. Output voltage: 140<Output<270 [Customization possible for bulk order]
c. Load Capacity: 12A max; 30A (Optional). 2KW
d. Surge Delay time: 5sec
e. Thundering protected
f. Indication: Delay (DLY), input low (In LO), input high (In HI)
g. 3 digit display
h. Digit resolution: 1 digit
i. Voltage accuracy: +/-3V max
j. Response Time: 20ms
This device is designed for refrigerators, Camera setups, Network setups, Dispenser machines and so on.