AC DC Network Trainer Kit
AC DC Network Trainer Kit
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This is the basic AC and DC network trainer kit for practice and training. The trainer kit have all network and power & measuring instruments those may required for training purpose. The left block of the trainer kit have AC Network and the right block have DC Network. And in the middle, there are different power sources and measurement instruments.


The AC Network Block:
Training programs to be performed:
a. Magnetic Fields, Electrical and elector-magnetic fields.
b. Capacitive effect and the capacitors, AC restive and Capacitive circuits.
c. Inductive effect and the inductor, AC inductive circuits.
d. The RLC circuit, Series and parallel resonance circuit.
e. The Transformer test, no load, under load and ratio test.
f. DC electrical motor and the electrical motor as an electrical generator.
g. Auto Transformer


The DC Network Block:
Training programs to be performed:
a. The e.m.f. and differences of potential, The effect of electrical current on the human body.
b. Ohm's Law, Series and parallel resistive circuits.
c. Kirchhoff's Law, KLC & KVL; Thevenin's Theorem.
d. Norton's Law, Superposition Theorem.
e. Rheostats and Potentiometers, Power and DC circuit, Power Transfer.
h. Relay and Switches, DC Current.


The Power and measurement Block:
a. DC positive power sources: +5V, +12V, 1.3-24V adjustable power supply with digital display.
b. DC negative power sources: -5V, -12V, 0-(-24V) adjustable negative power supply with digital display.
c. AC variable power: 24V-0-24V AC, 0-250V AC with digital display.
d. Measuring instruments: Two DT830D Digital multi-meter and one Sanwa CD800a multimeter.


Other technical properties:
a. Input: AC220V, 50Hz, Single Phase.
b. Physical dimension: 42X20X15 inch
c. Weight: 25Kg.


We make similar and customized trainer kits as per your requirement. If you need anything similar feel free to contact with us. Thank you.