3Phase Inverter-3KW
3Phase Inverter for experiment
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This is a 3 Phase INVERTER for laboratory experiments. This inverter is designed to handle up to 3KW power. Input: 440V 3Phase, Output as programmed. The main purpose of this project was to design a hardware for development of algorithms of inverter. To test the program in real life application.

The inverter has input filters and necessary protections. Input voltage and current are sensed and converted into 0-5V range keeping 2.5V as neutral point. Output phave to phase voltage is also comverted into 0-5V range keeping 2.5V as neutral point. Both AC & DC signal can be measurend using programming. Gate driver IR2136S, 3 phase IGBT Gate driver is used. IGBT Module: MBR25-SA120 is used. Large heatsink is used to dissipate all the generated heats. This IGBT module also has break chopper and thermistor, which can be easily access from this circuit. Circuit operating supply voltage is 15V DC.

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